Skylarker offers performances and workshops that facilitate imaginative engagement and foster creativity, confidence and well-being.


Stories at Large

These sessions develop children's innate ability to be story-players – to create, act out, share and exchange stories.

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Theatre Club

Playful and imaginative workshops for children.

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Skylarker offers a range of options for parties, festivals, community, charity and company events.

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Paper Capers

Paper Capers is an interactive piece of dance theatre created to ignite children’s imaginations. 

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Your session was a great success. You quickly put our staff at ease and made the activities fun. At the end everyone was feeling enthused about the possibilities of using drama more and using the many practical activities from the session.
As well as learning choreographies, children have the opportunity to create and share their own moves and to gain confidence as free-stylers. The great atmosphere that the music creates is infectious – parents may find it hard to stay seated
Pip’s classes leave you buzzing and feeling full of life. Even if I arrive wondering if I am too tired I come out bouncing and humming the wonderful songs!