Zumba - Energise the body and uplift the soul!

Exercise doesn't have to feel like hard work! In each Zumba class a selection of Latin and World music has been chosen to energise the body and uplift the soul. A mix of low intensity and high intensity dances means that you can get fit in a way that feels kind to your body. It's“exercise in disguise” - combining all the elements of fitness in a vibrant and fun atmosphere where everyone supports and encourages each other.

There are short-cuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!
— Vicky Baum

Class schedule


Regular Zumba (high energy)



Zumba Gold (gentle, low-impact)


Holne Village Hall, 10.30 - 11.30 am (term time)

Is Zumba suitable for me?

Regular Zumba classes are for those who have a reasonable level of fitness, ages 14 plus.

Zumba Gold is low impact and for people who need a more gentle approach. It is suitable for those who are unused to exercise, have recently had a baby or for the active older population.

You don't need any prior experience, and no need to book, just turn up a few minutes early, wear comfortable clothes and bring some water. You'll have a warm welcome!

Skylarker is always happy to discuss any concerns or questions you might have.


Here's what people say!

Pips Zumba class has reawakened my body while I happily party myself fit!
I love the relaxed atmosphere, mix of people and musical world tour each week.
Pip combines lovely clear instructions and lots of encouragement with an infectious sense of fun. It’s put the wiggle back into my hips and a big smile on my lips! - I’m hooked!
— Marion
Pip’s classes leave you buzzing and feeling full of life. Even if I arrive wondering if I am too tired I come out bouncing and humming the wonderful songs!
— Rachel
I love Pip’s Zumba Gold class! The mix of music is fabulous and Pip’s gentle, supportive approach allows me to dance and exercise at my own pace. Pip is an inspirational teacher!
— Jane
If you love dancing come to Zumba - much more than routine with Pip, who is a brilliant teacher whether you’re 7 or 70
— Su
I have to admit that I am a reluctant exerciser and can usually talk myself out of most things, but within 2 minutes of a Zumba class starting I can’t help but catch your infectious smile and I’m always surprised that an hour has passed. I find the classes very friendly - I’m no dancer but I don’t feel embarrassed giving all the moves a go, and I enjoy the fact that everyone around me is also trying and enjoying themselves!
— Corinna
I have very much enjoyed Pips classes over the last year, I look forward to a Thursday night as I know it will really give me a lift, unlike the gym ! She as the ability to make everyone feel included and is very easy about the steps ‘going wrong ‘. We all fear looking foolish because we make a ‘mistake’ but this is minimized by her skill...as a former dance teacher myself, I know this is a rare quality, especially in someone who moves so well
— Alix
Pip’s Zumba classes are very unique, in that they are full of fun and really make you work as well. It’s the only exercise class I actually look forward to and enjoy. Pip makes it accessible for everyone and is full of fun and energy. It’s much more like a party with the catchy tunes that I sing to myself all week at home!!! Pip makes everyone feel very relaxed and makes the moves easy to learn. There are always new dances and it’s the most enjoyable way of keeping fit that I can imagine.
— Tracey
Zumba is a great way to get some exercise and have fun. Going to Zumba after a long hard day at work and feeling tired really revitalizes you. Pip is a great teacher and makes sure everyone is doing ok and having a great time. I really miss Zumba when we are having a break or am unable to go for whatever reason,
— Penny
I love dancing and don’t get to do much of it as a 40 something working Mum....Zumba is a great way for me to ‘feel the rhythm’ and get a work out. I always leave with a smile on my face and feel much more ready to face my day!
Thanks Pip.
— Sarah
I’ve been coming to Pip’s classes since they started in Ashburton more than two years ago, and I still look forward to my Thursday evening dance workout. Pip’s infectious enthusiasm, the balance between trying out new dances and enjoying the familiar ones and of course the great music make this a really excellent, fun way to get exercise. (And for anyone who’s been told they might be at risk for osteoporosis, this is the best thing for bones!
— Inge