Skylarker offers dance, theatre and storymaking workshops that stimulate children's imaginations and provide motivating contexts for learning. Linking with curriculum aims, these workshops engage with all of the senses to develop children's creativity, confidence and ability to collaborate with others, as well as their physical and verbal vocabularies.

We can create workshops around requested themes, or schools can choose from the menu below. Each of these themes can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the group or groups we will be working with.

Theme 1  Museum of Curiosities

A museum of rare and wonderful objects. A theft. A chase. A room full of laser beams and a code that has to be deciphered...This introduction to the building blocks of dance, together with choreographic tools for creating and developing movement material, is sewn into a captivating theme. The mission is yours...

Curriculum links and extensions

This workshop can be extended to include a focus on:

  • English: Creative Writing, with a focus on extending vocabulary, description and suspense
  • History: Research into the precious objects in the museum - specific items coming from certain times eg Ancient Egypt or Greece (this can be discussed and tailored to meet the needs of the class)

Inset available

Theme 2 Storystarters

Children explore the themes of a story, legend or myth through movement and theatre. We use Whoosh, which is a dynamic, interactive form of storyacting, to bring stories alive. Children then go on to create their own movement material and/or stories based on the themes and narrative explored. Past workshops have included a Maori Legend and the Kindest Giant in Town.

Theme 3 Acts of Translation (moving and writing)

Starting with a specific stimulus (a poem, a story, a piece of art work) pupils create and develop movement material through a series of structured exercises and tasks. Moving opens up the senses, feelings and perceptions and generative writing exercises are used to extend and enrich student's vocabulary and composition during the session. 

Curriculum links

  • English: Composition. 

Inset available

Theme 3 World dance

Reggaeton, Calypso, Soca, Caribbean Hip-Hop, Bhangra, Bollywood, Flamenco, Tango, Cumbia, Salsa and Merengue.....These dances are great fun and the music is infectious. Participants learn routines from a selection of styles as well as creating their own choreographies. They also develop their confidence as freestylers so that they can enjoy  a “battle” (dance-off)

Curriculum links

  • Geography: where these dances originate from, and fusions of different traditions as cultures meet. 
  • Options – a giant map and fact cards about each region before going on to learn the dance. A quizz as well as a dance-off at the end.

Theme 4 Tudor dance

Starting with a series of theatre games to set the atmosphere of the suspense, intrigue and danger of the period, children go on to learn some Tudor dances and create their own choreographies to music.

Curriculum link  

  • History

Feedback from past workshops

I didn’t just have fun. I also learnt at the same time.

It was great fun, exciting, wonderful. I would give it a 10 out of 10.

The dancing was brilliant. I wish you could come again.

Thank you for letting us have so much fun. I really enjoyed it.
— Feedback from children from a Tudor dance workshop
I hope to work with Pip again in the future and would recommend her for workshops, advice and all things related to dance, movement and improvisation. She has lots of ideas and is really flexible when planning a unit of work to incorporate the teachers desired outcomes of the sessions.
— Becky ~ KS1 Teacher