Nursery & Reception

Skylarker offers dance, theatre and storymaking workshops that stimulate children's imaginations and provide motivating contexts for learning. Linking with curriculum aims, these workshops engage with all of the senses to develop children's creativity, confidence and ability to collaborate with others, as well as their physical and verbal vocabularies.

Stories at Large

These sessions develop children's innate ability to be story-players – to create, act out, share and exchange stories. A variety of strategies to facilitate individual and group storycreating and the children then bring these to life.

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In a Nutshell

Pip has teamed up with visual artist Ali Roscoe to create an exciting new project for Recepton and KS1. Combining the skills and experience of both artists, children have the opportunity to explore a theme through a variety of art forms.

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High Hill Castle

A letter arrives in a royal envelope with an unusual stamp, accompanied by a hand drawn map. It is addressed to the children. Their help is urgently needed...

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